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How enhanced aftersales customer service will boost business sales

For end-users looking to maintain and service machinery, SamsonCORE replaces technical documents with a highly appealing interactive 3D model that allows them to see a product from every angle. They..

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Unlock your data to enhance the aftersales experience

Manufacturers can derive huge benefits from sharing product information they hold in their systems with their customers – the challenge is to unlock that data.

Improving functionality and performance with Three.js custom shaders

Software engineer Kyle Watson has been making improvements on SamsonVT's approach to CORE 3D rendering, and this is what he found using Three.js custom shaders.

5 Minutes with Natalie Wilsdon

March 8th was International Women's Day. To celebrate, we spoke to some of the brilliant women working at SamsonVT to find out why they chose a career in STEM.

Improving Aftersales at Briggs Automotive Company

The BAC Mono Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is a British car manufacturing company based in Speke, Liverpool. BAC developed the world’s first road legal single-seater supercar – the BAC Mono.

Improving Aftersales at Yamazaki Mazak

Mazak: Committed to excellence test test test Established in 1919, Yamazaki Mazak is a machine tooling manufacturer based in Oguchi, Japan. The company is a world leader in the manufacturing and..

Why giving customers easy access to parts information is essential

If manufacturers want to build better relationships with their customers, providing easy access to after sales information is a must.

How to stop the damage caused by incorrect parts identification

The implications when customers incorrectly identify replacement product parts are far from trivial – for either the customer or the manufacturer.

How we can learn from Aerospace and Electric Vehicle Sectors – and save millions

We recently sat down with Dr Moray Kidd and picked his brains on what he believes is the future of AI in maintenance engineering.