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Case Study: Implementing the right parts ordering system for your customers

Case study

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Customer Profile

A major global manufacturer of sports cars and components whose recent investment in a traditional eCommerce solution has led them to review their approach to aftersales and research alternative market-beating digital solutions.


A global automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) had invested in a traditional eCommerce system to support part sales. Traffic had increased but online sales decreased. The OEM realised the traditional approach was having a detrimental effect on user experience. 

SamsonVT was approached by a global automotive manufacturer of sports cars to review their approach to aftersales.

The OEM had invested in a traditional eCommerce platform to support with part sales of their vehicles. They were receiving high levels of traffic to the website but had few completed orders and saw an increase in phone enquiries.

Correlating this with an increase in returned wrong parts, the OEM realise that the user experience of the parts catalogue was damaging their customer service and sales.

The Brief 

  • Increase the number of online part sales
  • Reduce the number of phone and email part enquiries
  • Reduce the number of incorrect part returns

Our solution? Partful, a digital parts catalogue which enables users to successfully order the correct OEM part online, the first time. This resulted in the OEM seeing an increase in revenue of 39% within 9 months. 

To see the full findings and results from the case study, click below and view the full PDF.   

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