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Case Study: Improving the aftermarket customer experience to increase revenue.

Case study

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Customer Profile

A major UK manufacturer of commercial mowers and components whose dedication to continued customer satisfaction and increased revenues merits market-beating digital solutions.


The recently appointed Managing Director of a major-UK manufacturer had inherited their British family business and wanted to understand available digital opportunities in order to tighten current parts ordering processes and increase revenue.

After operating at the same status quo for over 16 years, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) had built a loyal customer base. Following a company audit, it had become clear there was room for improvement to tighten processes and increase revenues, but it was key that any new implementations did not upset current customers.

The Managing Director knew that changes needed to be made to bring the company into the modern world and increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and revenues, but wasn’t sure how to do it. 

The Brief 

  • Use digital technologies to tighten current processes
  • Reduce the number of customer service calls each month
  • Ensure a technology payback time of under 12 months

Partful, a digital parts catalogue provided a solution, enabling users to successfully order the correct OEM part online, the first time. This resulted in the OEM seeing an increase in parts revenue of 48% and 62% fewer customer service calls for spare part enquiries. 

To see the full findings and results from the case study, click below and view the full PDF.   

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5 simple steps to build an aftermarket service for your product
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