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Partful: Serious about increasing parts revenue?

Partful is a powerful 3D parts catalogue that can help increase your parts revenue by up to 50%

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Introducing Partful, by SamsonVT

Created by engineers for engineers, Partful is a powerful 3D parts fulfilment catalogue that’s the cornerstone of many repair and maintenance operations across the globe. The Partful platform is the only tool your customers will ever want to order their parts through. 

We believe that after sales shouldn’t be an afterthought.


Parts order and fulfilment made simple with user friendly software

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This interactive digital 3D parts catalogue gives your customers accurate information at the click of a button by replacing traditional manuals and ordering systems with an automated, integrated e-commerce solution.

Ensuring your customers can order the correct parts, quickly and easily, improves the after sales experience and can increase parts revenues by up to 50%. 

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Parts within the 3D model can be easily edited, updated and managed . By maintaining the single source of truth, you will always have up to date, accurate parts information in one place. No more managing outdated PDF's or spreadsheets with incorrect parts information or pricing that can confuse customers. They can order right, first time.

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Showcase your parts offering to customers within an easy to use interface

  • Customers can find all of your parts in one place.
  • Easily keep bill of material catalogues up to date.
  • Unique 3D drawings for easy parts identification.
  • Reduce customer support costs.
  • Give your customers an eCommerce tool your competitors don't have.
  • 24/7 availability so your customers can do business with you anywhere, anytime.
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Digital parts fulfilment created with you in mind


Accurate parts information 

Enable customers to quickly locate and identify parts for themselves. Help speed up repairs and services by reducing the potential for ordering mistakes. Order the right part, first time.


Single source of truth

Eliminate the need for costly manual version control of static catalogues or PDFs. Making one change in Partful universally updates all details, maintaining a single source of truth for your customers.


50% increase in parts revenue

A complex parts ordering process can hinder sales revenue. With Partful your customers can quickly identify the part they need online, add it to their basket and submit their order.


Improve order fulfilment rates

The powerful 3D functionality within Partful ensures your customers can intuitively find and order parts easily and effortlessly


Outstanding customer service

Designed with your team and customers in mind. Partful provides manufacturers with the data to provide excellent levels of customer satisfaction.

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  • after sales process
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Partful digital parts catalogue

We are always striving to provide our customers with a world-class buying experience. SamsonVT allows us to provide an innovative 3D online parts catalogue enabling our customers and our distribution partners to quickly identify and order specific parts.


Partful gives our customers increased access and visibility of our extensive parts catalogues. Our customers love the easy access to accurate products and their real-time specifications. Our parts revenue has seen a significant increase due to the seamless order process we have in place with Partful.

Frequently asked questions


How much does it cost?


Our pricing is based on 3 factors - the total number of products, parts & users in the platform. We charge an ongoing annual subscription fee & take complete ownership of your parts catalogue.


How does Partful work?


We take your existing design data & convert it into a 3D interactive Model which explodes, animates etc. which is optimised for use on phones, tablets, laptops and other devices.


How long does it take to implement?


This depends on the number of products you have, but we are much faster than traditional methods. For example 10 Products each with around 1000 parts in could take us 2 weeks to complete. This includes texturing, animating & distributing in the platform.


I currently use PDF catalogues, how are you different?


The problem with PDF catalogues is that not many people seem to read these anymore! However the main issue is the inability to quickly update & distribute PDFs across your customer network instantly. A lot of our customers prefer our visual representation of their assets using 3D modelling but our ability to update quickly is a key advantage.


I don't have any CAD images of my models, is that a problem?


We can create 3D models from scratch however this will take us a little bit longer but it is possible! We have a team of experienced 3D artists in-house

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