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With our unique 3D digital parts catalogues and interactive work instructions, your customers will never want to use a different order and repair platform again

Taking after sales service
up a gear for OEMs

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Every product is unique. Some products contain 1,000 parts, some contain 30,000 parts. Whatever your product and industry, whether you manufacture cars, buses, medical equipment, motorcycles, conveyor belts or packaging units, the SamsonVT software platform can ensure your customers can easily order the parts they need, and fit them!  

Our scalable platform provides a cost effective tool for original equipment manufacturers who are looking for a unique after sales experience for customers. 

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Our easy to set up platform is ideal for all manufacturers, and suitable for all budgets.   

Our clients range from those selling products into domestic markets and manufacturers who are selling to larger global markets who have added complexities of language, time zone and price.

Our onboarding team are from an engineering background, and will work closely with you to ensure your CAD,  your BOM and your work instructions are in tip top shape.   Our experts will talk you through each step and be on hand to offer advice and support throughout the process.



If you are assessing your aftersales strategy and looking at ways to offer a service that outweighs your competition, download our free E-guide '5 simple steps to build an aftermarket service your product deserves'. 

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Our software platform helps you to;



part information, sell across multiple channels, and share data with partners & dealers in real time.



more customers through our unique self serve  portal that customers and dealers will love.

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Helping OEMs to centralise information, streamline work instructions and increase parts revenue

Update and deliver

Take control of your data with an intuitive interface. Instantly add and edit part information, new products, pricing, and compatibility data, reducing overhead costs and increasing parts purchased directly from your business.

Multiple systems, one platform

Centralise part information, sell across multiple channels, and share data with partners in real-time. Help your customers and team self serve, educating themselves on work instructions to help fix their vehicles first time, every time.

Communicate with your dealer network

Stay on top of specific service requirements and communicate them effectively to dealers. With no PDFs or manuals, our platform makes product parts easier to sell, giving them the right information at the right time.

Putting manual after sales in autopilot

Minimise the cases your customer service team face by digitising the buying, selling and servicing. If an engineer’s called out, our easy to understand work instructions are more efficient than traditional training techniques.

Increase revenue up to 50%

By improving your parts ordering, training processes, and removing updating PDFs and printing user manuals from your business models, you’re able to reduce overall business cost and hit core revenue KPIs.

Used across many sectors




Industrial Manufacturing



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One platform, multiple solutions
for your business needs

Our unique  software platform using 3D visualisation to help your team, customers, or dealers to easily identify and fit parts they need.

Available in over 100 languages, our platform gives customers, dealers, and engineers access to the right information at the right time around the world. 

Our solutions, Partful and Workflo, are available as either individual products or together as a single, streamlined solution to help you cost effectively serve customers and easily train your engineers and internal team.

Update and deliver

Customer focused 3D digital parts catalogue that simplifies user manuals and streamlines after sales processes, helping everyone to easily identify and buy the parts they require while increasing profits by up to 50%.

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Right fix, first time

Empower your engineers to access the work instructions they need to understand how to build and repair your vehicles quickly and accurately. More efficient and effective than traditional training techniques. 

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Meet our engineers and experts

Adam Crowder Senior Data Scientist
Adam Crowder
Senior Data Scientist

Adam is passionate about mathematics and engineering with a particular affinity for algorithm design. With a PhD in Numerical Analysis, Adam is keen on implementing his problem-solving skills creatively to help solve real-world challenges.

James Ledger 3D Engineer Team Lead
James Ledger
3D Engineer Team Lead

James has been building computers from old parts since he was 10 and has since worked on everything from lawnmowers to supercars. He's passionate about continuous improvement and implementing changes quickly and effectively.

Natalie Wilsdon Director of Product
Natalie Wilsdon

With nearly 15 years' experience in the tech sector, Natalie is passionate about understanding the unexplored opportunities for 3D technology to solve real-world problems customers experience, not just technical problems.

Empowering OEMs
to transform their after sales service


We now have an interactive 3D parts catalogue that can be used universally by all of our customers and dealers, irrespective of where they are. This is a massive advantage to us to move away from the traditional paper based manuals. By also going paperless, we are contributing to a greener society which is as electric car manufacturers it's really important to us. 

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Having our maintenance instructions available online has had made such a massive difference to our workforce. We are now able to house once central knowledge database for all staff, rather than relying on individual nuances and skill sets. 

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Frequently asked questions


I currently use PDF catalogues, how are you different?


The problem with PDF catalogues is that not many people seem to read these anymore! However the main issue is the inability to quickly update & distribute PDFs across your customer network instantly. A lot of our customers prefer our visual representation of their assets using 3D modelling but our ability to update quickly is a key advantage.


Will I get support after buying your product?


Yes of course! We can work closely with you throughout your journey. You will be allocated a specialist onboarding technician who will manage your project to ensure you are getting the best results possible.


Do you offer a trial?


Yes of course, we offer a free 14 day software trial. Please call our team on  0161 820 2115 who will set you up. Alternatively you can sign up here 


I have customers around the world, is the language barrier a problem?


Our platform is highly visual & language agnostic. However, for users who don’t speak English as their main language we can convert any text in to over 70 different languages


How safe is my data in your platform?


Customer trust is our top priority and we know that customers care deeply about privacy and data security. This is why we have partnered with AWS to provide data protection services including encryption, key management and threat detection that continuously monitors and protects your accounts and workloads.

We offer customers strong encryption for your content in transit and at rest, whether that be an AWS server or a user device. Access to data in the cloud is fully audited, requires multi factor authentication and is strictly segregated.

Seeing is believing

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